Electric Heat

It may come as a huge surprise but electric heat in some installations can be a viable alternative to burning fossil fuels.  Recently we have delivered homes with electric heat where the homeowner has every intention to have the primary source of heat be wood.  The initial installation of electric baseboard heat makes it very attractive at the time of installation.  

Take into consideration that electric rates have become stable and predictable.  Whereas the prices for either fuel oil or propane gas fluctuate a lot.

With insulation so readily available at super-high efficiency rates the viability of electric heat is worth a second thought.  For example:  Vermont Modular can easily deliver a home to you with an "R" value in the exterior walls of R-34 and ceiling insulation of R-49 is common place.

We will discuss insulation another day.  

This is a good time to think about heating systems and insulation - this afternoon it's snowing but, spring is only around the corner.

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