Propane fuel

In a recent entry I mentioned that Vermont Modular is featuring the Trinity TI high efficiency boiler.

That particular boiler with its 95.1% AFUE efficiency rating is fueled by Propane Gas. Over the past 20 years of building homes the majority of homeowners have opted to use Propane gas to heat their home and create domestic hot water.

There are obvious financial reasons for having a high efficiency boiler. However, the majority of our homeowners have opted for gas and efficiency because, "'s cleaner!" Consistently that has been the reason people choose gas; it does burn cleaner than fuel oil.

There remains one huge question out there..........., "...should I cook with gas or cook with electric?" We are not going to get in the middle of that discussion! Cooking is such an individualized and personal thing. It is easy to have an electric stove in a home that is heated with gas. So, go ahead and choose your kitchen range to suite your preferences and enjoy!

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