Snow on the roof

This is the time of year when it is so easy to see whether there is enough insulation in the attic.

One quick glance is virtually all it takes.  Look at the roof of your home and then check out the roof of your neighbors' houses.  If there is snow on some of the roofs and no snow on others you will know immediately who has enough insulation.

The homes with no snow on the roof typically do not have enough insulation.  Heat from inside the home escapes into the attic and slowly but surely melts the snow on the roof.

Whereas, if you have a lot of insulation then the attic is the same temperature as outside.  With a lot of insulation the heat does not escape into the attic and as a result does not melt the snow.

So, when I see 10"± inches of snow on my roof and none on my neighbor's roof - I know they have not enough insulation and are paying a lot more to heat their home.

Interested in more insulation ideas?  Give us a call; we can help.

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