Window efficiency

One of the most important parts of your new home are the windows.  Let's face it - one of the reasons we live in Vermont is to see the beauty.  Hence, we include large windows allowing us to "take it all in."  But, at the same time in the winter leaves us quickly through windows.

We strongly suggest you consider triple glazing in all your new windows.  The real question should be "...why not have triple glaze windows" rather than "...why."

Quick overview of advantages:

  1. condensation protection is hugely better than double glazing
  2. Energy savings, up to 60% improvement over double pane/Low-E/argon gas filled
  3. Comfort, there is up to 80% less radiation heat transfer between your living room and the cold outside.
  4. Cost, yes triple glaze windows cost more but end up saving you a lot.

Call us today and we can start the process of building your new energy efficient home.

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