Fuel - Comparison

Yesterday we started a series of various types of fuel to heat your home with and today here's a bit more information about our "Base-Fuel" for this brief series. One gallon of Gasoline generates 116,090 BTU's of heat. But, there are two types of gasoline in America, there is "Gasoline" and "E-10 Gasoline" which has 10% Ethanol added to the gas. A gallon of E-10 can generate only 98% as many BTU's. For comparison we will NOT be using E-10 as our base fuel. On Monday we will look at No. 2 Fuel Oil or what many of you might know as Diesel Fuel; they are the same. So, our base fuel is Gasoline with E-10 generating only 98% as much heat. Stay tuned.

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