Fuel - Comparison - #4

Yesterday we talked about LP Gas and today's fuel is Natural Gas which comes from a wide variety of wells and is pumped throughout much of the nation in a series of pipe lines. Here in Vermont Natural Gas is available in limited areas. The United States is currently in the midst of a huge series of discoveries of Natural Gas and we are rapidly approaching Energy Independence as a result. Natural Gas is probably the cleanest burning fossil fuel available and also represents one of the most cost effective sources of heat. Both Furnaces and Boilers burn Natural Gas making either Hot-Air or Hot-Water which warms your new home whereupon everyone is happy. Much of our Natural Gas is acquired by using a process called Hydraulic fracturing which has raised environmental concerns. These concerns have included ground water contamination, risks to air quality, migration of gases and hydraulic fracturing chemicals to the surface, mishandling of waste, and the health effects of all these, as well as its contribution to raised atmospheric CO2 levels.

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