Being at home

This past weekend many of us raked up the leaves in the yard, hopefully for the last time, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed being at home.  Fall is the time of year when we put things away for winter, tuck things in their winter spot, make sure we know where the snow shovel is, and be thrilled to be at home.  Fall is the time of year where home beckons us to come inside, sit by the fire, and enjoy comfort food.  Fall and winter are the time devoted to family and those intimate gatherings with loved ones.  Many a life long memory starts at this time of year.  I'll bet many a conversation was had this past weekend about winter adventures, skiing, and planning trips to The Caribbean.  I found myself looking at snow shoes.  Yet at the end of the day it is so good to be home.  Isn't this the greatest time to start planning and putting things into motion for your new home!  Call us and let us know how we can help; our custom design service is free of charge.

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