Contemporary home, The Trailhead

We are proudly posting in our Members' Section a booklet that describes one of our most spectacular homes, check it out and see The Trailhead.  There are so many unique aspects to The Trailhead - in the Great Room there is a wall of glass and cathedral ceilings; in the kitchen there is a double corner sink with extra glass and an island, the Master bedroom with its ensuite is awesome, it is a fantastic house.  This is one of those homes that people driving by will stop and look, it is that spectacular!  How about building The Trailhead as your family's private escape, that secret corner of your world where stress, worry, and traffic quickly become a faint and distant memory.  Imagine sitting by the fire, sipping on a glass of wine, as you look out at the view.  OK, I'm ready to build. 

If you are a member check out our new members' section and remember we will be constantly adding features and programs.  If you are not a member we invite you to join us, it is free and can be a lot of fun.

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