Done in the plant

All the various steps of building a new home happen inside the plant not exposed to the weather.  It is a little tough to install kitchen cabinets in the rain.  Tradesmen have a difficult time hanging sheetrock while the snow blows around the room.  However, in the plant all that weather stuff never happens.  Work progresses nicely and is never interrupted.  The reason modular homes cost less is that the construction productivity is so high.  How many times have you driven past a building site only to see a handful of workers sitting on the grass under a tree?  They are probably waiting for the lumber yard to deliver something.  Or there is always the job that ends early because of a sudden rain storm.  All these things continue to cost money but yet nothing is being done.  With a modular home work moves along at an even pace.  Call us, we can build your new Vermont Dream inside.

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