Don't do that!

As all of us know we just had ourselves quite the snow storm and when you look up on the roof there is a lot of snow which can be extremely heavy. Because of the weight there are lots of people up on the roof shoveling the snow off. DON'T DO THAT! That snow on the roof is heavy, very slippery, and did we mention it is up on the roof, up high in the air, a long way down to the ground. Picture this, you are up there with a shovel in your hand cleaning off the roof, your feet slip, and down you go! Typically the next stop is something rather nasty almost always resulting in an uncomfortable visit to the hospital. Or, you can go to the hardware store and buy a roof rake. This clever invention allows you to stand on the ground the pull the heavy snow off the roof down on top of yourself. Some how we see that scenario as much less than brilliant. Actually it is almost as dumb as going up on the roof with a shovel where you can fall. SOLUTION - yes, we do have a better idea! The trick to huge amounts of snow on your roof is to build a home where the roof is strong enough to support the weight of the snow. Every home from Vermont Modular is highly engineered where the roof system is strong enough to carry the weight of your specific local. For example: if you build in The Champlain Valley your roof will be of one strength as compared to in The Green Mountains where it will be built differently. Local stick builders typically are very unclear about strength requirements. Answers like, ".....I've done it this way for years" are completely unsatisfactory. Why not have your new home built the right way!

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