Drilling for water

One of the major component parts of each project is finding a potable water supply for drinking, cooking, bathing, and all sorts of other things that we take for granted.  Many times "Town-Water" is available; this makes everything a lot easier for both us and you the homeowner.  Since Vermont is so rural in nature it is most often necessary to find water on the property by either digging or drilling a water well.  Most of our jobs have drilled wells where a HUGE truck arrives, sets up, and using their specialized drilling tools and bits they drill down into the earth until they find enough clean drinking water.  Normally this can be done is one day but occasionally goes longer.  Obviously the depth of a drilled well is very difficult to determine ahead of time but reputable water-well-companies can usually give you a fairly good educated guess based on the depth of neighboring wells.  Yes, we can help you make arrangements to create your well.

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