Drilling a well

Yesterday we talked about building a Septic System and today we have a more pleasant part of the project and that's drilling a well for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry, and all the other things like watering the flowers.  There are basically two types of potable wells.  The first and by far the most common is a deep drilled well that has a submersible pump towards the bottom of the well.  The pump pushes the water under pressure up into the house.  There is no such thing as an average depth for a well, it varies greatly depending on where you are located.  Typically a qualified well driller can estimate the depth based on what the neighbors' wells.  The second an less common is a dug/shallow well that has a "Jet Pump" that sucks water up out of the well and then pushes it on into the house.  This type of pump can lift water no more than 27' which limits the use of shallow wells.

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