Well, it seems as though we are on the brink of another winter snow storm, a Nor'easter bringing us snow, rain, freezing rain, and the whole mixed bag of winter goodies all-in-one.  All of us will within the next couple days see icicles dangling from the roof of many homes and all of us will think, "....isn't that pretty!  Look how cute those icicles are."  Well don't be quite so kind when it comes to icicles.  When snow collects up on the roof, like it is going to in the next couple days, much of it will melt off because of heat escaping from inside the house up into the attic; that heat melts the snow and water starts to run down the roof and over the edge.  Well........., it runs until it hits the roof overhang which is cold and the water freezes into ice.  That ice is called an ice dam which blocks the melting snow from dripping on down to the ground.  Instead the melting snow/water backs up and goes up under the shingles whereupon it eventually leaks into the house.  Isn't this sounding like fun!  But, the snow continues to melt running into the ice dam and some of it spills over the edge into the cold air and freezes making icicles.  ALL of this truly nasty mess can easily be corrected by having sufficient insulation in the attic so the snow on the roof doesn't melt until the ambient air temperature rises to above freezing.  The problems all start when the temperature in the attic is warm enough to melt the snow into water when the outside air temperature is below freezing.  So, when the water reaches the roof overhang it quickly freezes making an ice dam.  So, when you see those lovely icicles in the next couple days it is a clear statement of a house with not enough attic insulation.  Vermont Modular builds a "Super Insulated" home and icicles will be a thing of the past.  

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