It's snowing

Right now here in Shelburne we are in the middle of a snow flurry.  Some how all this seems a bit early for snow; oh well.  Today's photograph is of our two-story colonial home that is inside the factory being built.  Oh yeah, did we mention it's snowing?  This photograph shows one of the modules being built inside without exposure to the snow and/or rain that's outside.  Also, look carefully at this photograph as it very clearly shows the exterior sheathing of the house; yes it is green with black stripes.  This is one of Vermont Modular's standard features.  Every house is built using AdvanTech ZIP sheathing that is water and wind proof making the home just that much better.  The Green is the AdvanTech sheathing and the Black stripes are vinyl adhesive tape that completely seals the home making it water and wind proof.  This is just a small part of what we put together to build Vermont's Most Energy Efficient Home.  It isn't easy to build the best, it requires attention to detail and choosing the most technologically advanced products.  

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