More about building a quality home

As our plant tour continues let's wander through the kitchen and see what's going on.  All of the cabinets come from Merillat, the largest builder of cabinetry in the US.  Take a close look at the crown molding that is standard at the top of the cabinets.  Then, look further and you will see crown molding around the top of the wall.  That crown molding is a standard feature in all of our homes.  It is just one of many items that tell you that you've bought a quality home!  So, let's see if we have this right.  Vermont Modular builds The Most Energy Efficient Home in Vermont and all this is simply a part of producing a superior home.  Is that right?  Yup, you have the picture in focus.  Best Energy Efficiency,  plus best built structurally, plus superior amenities throughout - all that put together equals Vermont Modular Homes.  Yup!

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