Mother In-law

Vermont Modular Homes proudly announces the concept of adding on to your existing home, we are talking about the addition of a Mother In-Law Apartment.  All across America millions of "Baby Boomers" are rapidly approaching retirement; that brings virtually every American family to the sensitive conversation about how can we help mom and dad, what do mom and dad want from us, and are there ways for families to work together and preserve the family unit?  Vermont Modular Homes has numerous designs and layouts for the addition of a Mother In-Law apartment and our "Design Assistance" is absolutely free.  How can we help?  All of our Mother In-Law apartments are designed for mom and dad; the doors are bigger, the halls are wider, bathrooms are specifically designed with special fixtures, and a lot of additional amenities so that this apartment will not only be comfortable but very inviting.  Yes, we are including heat and central air conditioning.  We envision the addition of a Mother In-Law apartment as a quick, easy, affordable, and enjoyable adventure for your family.  If your folks are "Snow Birds" the apartment needs to be easily winterized.  Actually everything about the apartment needs to be wonderful.  Your new Mother In-Law apartment can be attached directly to your existing home or built as a "Stand Alone" building.  Vermont Law allows the building of "Accessory Houses" on your property, we can help you throughout this process.

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