No! No! No!

Climb up the ladder and shovel off your roof ONLY if you have lost your mind, have a death wish, or live in a crummy home! The weight of snow on your roof can easily exceed many TONS and the worst time of the year is yet to come. The big snow storms we have recently had are nothing compared to what typically comes between right now and April 1. The worst scenario is a big story that is rapidly followed by a slow rain. The huge amounts of snow on your roof act like a sponge and sop up the water from the rain and greatly increase the weight of everything on the roof. That is the scenario that scares home owners and it is almost always the sequence of events that cause barns to collapse. However, if you build a Vermont Modular home it is engineered to withstand the huge weight of the snow. Why would you risk everything? Call us today and no matter what DO NOT go up on the roof to shovel, you can easily fall, break a leg, bust something, get severely hurt, and accomplish nothing. In stead, call us about your new home.

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