Plumbing work in the plant

Today's photograph might need some explanation.  What you are looking at is the underside of a module and the gentleman working is a plumber, he is installing and connecting all kinds of pipes.  There are big ones, small ones, white ones, red ones, and blue ones.  To the plumber they all mean something and he understands.  Honestly, we don't need to understand, that's why we have plumbers.  The plumber is sitting on a work chair on wheels that scoots around under the house.  The house has purposively been raised up to accommodate work being performed.  All this is safer, easier to work on with less fatigue, more productive, and truthfully the end result is better.  This picture was just taken but do you see the plumber in a short sleeve T-shirt inside the plant?  We all know that's far more productive.

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