The process begins

We are constantly asked where is the best place to begin the process of building a new home.  Honestly, in all aspects of Real Estate the LOCATION is the most important aspect.  So, we suggest you find land that you love whether it be the view, the proximity to neighbors, skiing, the water, the mountains, or what ever you love.  Vermont is one of those very special places with a zillion beautiful spots.  As we speak we have lots available out in The Islands, Central Vermont, and in southern Vermont.  Yes, we will gladly work with you as you select your corner of The State that fulfills your every dream.  Lately we've also been working with folks in Clilnton and Essex Counties of New York.  The photograph attached to this blog post is in southern Vermont and currently is the site of a spectacularly beautiful home.  We are always amazed at how vivid some people's imagination is when it comes to seeing the potential for a piece of land.  Creativity and imagination always helps.  How can we help you?

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