Sears - The Magnolia

The other day we posted an antique "Already Cut" home from Montgomery Ward. Today's advertisement comes from Sears, this was published in 1920 and "The Magnolia" is quite the grand home. It is described as, "....a house for the discriminating builder who is willing to invest a fair amount for the largest returns in comfort, convenience and extra high quality." This High-End home was ordered from The Sears Catalog, (do you remember that?) This historic homes are all across the country and most current owners don't realize they live in something so characteristic of the early 20th century. We want to thank George who sent us this advertisement as a response to yesterday's Monkey Ward home. Tomorrow we will post a photograph of "The Magnolia" a truly beautiful home. Evidently Sears designed this home based on an historic home they found in Cambridge, Massachusetts. By the way, if there is something of particular interest you would like to see mentioned please let us know. Enjoy this rather cold day.

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