Septic design

Ok, so the septic system in your new home isn't glamorous and everyone wants the glamor associated with a new home.  However, consider a new home without waste water disposal; see our point!?!?  If you look carefully in the photograph you will see that inside the "Green Tank" there are a series of pumps, switches, and filters.  To the left of the "Green Tank" you will notice a concrete septic tank; this tank is basically the same as every other ordinary septic system.  The special "Magic" of this septic system happens inside the "Green Tank."  The affluent, a.k.a. raw sewage from the concrete tank flows into the "Green Box" where it is circulated and filtered while the normal microbial action is constantly breaking down the affluent into "clean" water that then is discharged into a relatively small leach field.  This entire design is very new and works great in challenging sites.  There are so many unique aspects all associated with building a new home.

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