Snow loads

The amount of snow that falls varies greatly from one part of the state to another.  As you can quickly see in today's photograph they received a lot of snow about 10 days ago whereas in other parts of our world it was barely an inch or two.  When heavy snow falls on your roof, and it will, is your roof built strong enough to carry the weight?  Most "stick-builders" go ahead and simply build the roof without benefit of having it engendered and calculations done to see if it is strong enough.  Every modular home is thoroughly engineered for strength, amount of required light and ventilation, and roof snow loads.  After your new home has been engineered it receives a Professional Engineer's "Stamp of Approval."  Yes, you know if your new home is strong enough.  Yes, your new home is fully guaranteed.  How cool is that!

By the way, who knows where this picture was taken?

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