Snow storm

As we all know Vermont is in the middle of what looks like a significant snow storm.  The weather bureau in Burlington is predicting 6 to 12" of heavy wet snow before 11:00 pm tonight.  Oh lovely!  This is the kind of snow that snow blowers and shovels hate; it is so heavy.  All that snow load will be up on your roof.  "Wet Heavy Snow" up on the roof can be a very significant problem.  Most homes are built without the benefit of being completely engineered to include calculations for "snow load."  It really is a scientific process that determines exactly how to build the roof's rafters; that determines the strength of the roof and its ability to carry the snow on the roof.  All over northern New England the snow fall varies greatly and that will be true in today's storm.  Some places will get an inch or two and some spots will receive more than a foot of "Wet Heavy Snow."  If you are the proud owner of a modular home, rest assured that your roof is engineered to be strong enough to carry the weight of the snow.  Virtually every "stick-builder" does not calculate the snow-load for the roof he is building, so things like "'s always been done this way" become the code on how to build.  Honestly that's scary!  When Vermont Modular calculates the snow load of your roof we must have the exact GPS coordinates of your property so we know how much snow you are going to receive.  For example; here in The Champlain Valley we receive less snow than in "the higher elevations."  There really is quite a lot of science behind the correct way to build your roof.  Call us we'd love to help you build a safe new home.  By the way, DO NOT go up on your roof to shovel off the snow!  Just imagine the injuries if you were to fall.  Built it correctly the first time and you will be just fine.

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