Standard Spec

Egad!  The weather report for this weekend includes the "S" word.  Yup, they are telling us that there's a chance of snow showers this weekend.  This is the time to be thinking of how Energy Efficient your new home is.  As of just last week we have upgraded our Standard Specifications to include Triple Pane Windows throughout.  Yes, you read that correctly; included within our Standard Specifications every home from Vermont Modular includes Triple Pane Windows for a significant increase in the energy efficiency of your windows.  The increase in performance varies from one window style to another.  We decided that as part of building The Most Energy Efficient Home in Vermont, we are compelled to include the Triple Pane windows as standard.  By the way, this upgrade in our standard specifications is in addition to everything else that's included to create that Energy Efficient Home.  Nothing was swapped out!  We are simply continuing to upgrade and improve.  Let's face it, building a new home isn't exactly the same as buying a new car.  If you are unhappy with your new car it will be a relatively short period of time and you will trade it in for another.  Building a new home is a long-time commitment, for many it is a life-time commitment.  So, why not build it correctly!  We are very excited about our new improvements; call us to see about your new home.

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