Thermal Bridge

We repeatedly get asked how we are able to build such a super insulated home.  We have devised a construction technique of building a 10" thick exterior wall with an R-Value of R-36.  Just in case you aren't sure, that qualifies as Super Insulated.  Here at Vermont Modular we are proud that we build the most energy efficient home in Vermont.  Look carefully at the photograph and you will see that the vertical studs are 2x4" not the conventional 2x6".  However, we have two 2x4" walls that are staggered so they never touch.  Structurally this is far superior but what we are doing is creating a Thermal Barrier.  Lumber is a great conductor of heat.  So, if you have framing lumber all the way from the inside to the outside of the building envelope you will loose heat.  Isn't that obvious?  We think it is and that is why we build our homes the way we do.  Honestly it confuses us why everyone doesn't do the same.  Wouldn't you rather have your new home built correctly?  Wouldn't you rather have your new home be The Most Energy Efficient home in Vermont?  Call us.

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