Again it is a fantastic Summer Day here in northern Vermont, the sun is shining, the water is just right for swimming, and there's a gentle breeze with temps in the 80's.  Yes, you are right!  That really is all but perfect.  But following summer comes Vermont's Foliage in all of its spectacular grandeur!  Did you know that we have more visitors during Foliage Season than at any other time of the year?  It is true and wouldn't you really love to have your very own private Vermont Vacation home?  Well of course you would!  Just think, you could go swimming this afternoon and then in the fall you could wander around to the apple festivals, Chicken dinners, community festivities, and experience the beauty of Vermont.  By the way, the chicken really is good, you should go!  Virtually every community throughout the state has our famous Chicken Dinners - fantastic.  They don't have this stuff in New York City or Boston but, we have it and you could be a part with your own vacation home.  Call us.

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