Vacation in Vermont

This Columbus Day weekend was truly spectacular, the weather couldn't have been any better and it seemed as though every corner of the state was filled with tourists taking photographs.  The reason we know this is that on Saturday we played tourist and went on a road trip down to southern Vermont and enjoyed the beauty.  Today's photograph was taken somewhere north of Manchester Vermont in Bennington County; I say somewhere because I doubt whether I could find that exact spot again.  We took the day as a time to wander around and be on vacation; it was wonderful.  Wouldn't you love to have your own vacation home?  You could have that secret spot for you and your family to build a life-time of memories.  Your first idea is to build "stick by stick" but with the looming winter a modular home becomes far more attractive.  Currently we have three homes on order, two are vacation homes and one is a permanent home.  You can be at the edge of the forest listening to the birds and an array of nature's sounds; how peaceful does that sound?  Call us to talk about your Custom Built modular home.

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