Water proof

Yesterday we mentioned Green AdvanTech sheathing and then went on to explain about the ZIP tape that completely seals where sheets of the AdvanTech meet.  Look at this picture and look carefully at the roof, it has AdvanTech sheathing on the roof also and the ZIP tape system again.  So, this house is 100% water proof upon delivery.  There are many applications where this is very important to protect the interior of the home.  Since it is a good idea, and it is, the AdvanTech ZIP roof sheathing is a standard feature at Vermont Modular Homes.  Once your new home's roof is completed you will never see the AdvanTech yet it will continue to work for you.  C.S. Lewis, a famous American author is quoted as saying, "Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching."  You can be assured that at Vermont Modular we will to the right thing even when you are not watching.

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