ZIP system

This is a good example of exactly how a Vermont Modular Home is superior!  Every home we build uses the AdvanTech ZIP system of sheathing.  Look at the picture and you will see that the exterior "plywood" is green.  AdvanTech ZIP sheathing is covered with a water proof and wind proof coating.  So, the home is water proof and wind proof; adding to the home's Energy Efficiency.  The Black Lines are in actuality a rubberized vinyl material that completely seals the seams between each sheet of AdvanTech.  That black strip of sealant protects the home from any water or wind penetration, sealing the house.  The projected life of both materials is 100 years or the life of the house.  Once this AdvanTech ZIP system is covered up with siding you will never see it again.  Vermont Modular Homes believes we should do the right thing even if you can't see what we are doing.  The AdvanTech ZIP system will work for the life of the house yet it will never be seen.  This system is far superior to using Tyvek.  This is just one more example of excellence!

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