Air Conditioning?

Air Conditioning ?

Every spring and on into summer we all are faced with the huge question as to whether we should air condition our homes.  Honestly, this spring/summer has been just great so far.  I'm wondering if anyone has seriously wanted AC yet.  But, it won't be too long before some of us will be lying in bed at night suffering from the heat that air conditioner looks great.

Many Vermonters will use window air conditioners and think that's ok.  But, do you realize that a window unit is an energy hog?  

If you were to consider the investment of a Cold Climate Heat Pump it will significantly help you with your winter heating and at the same time the air conditioning will essentially come along as free.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps are known as "Air Source Heat Pumps" because the Heat Pump extracts heat from the air.  During the summer your window air conditioner pushes cold air into the house and blows warm/heated air outside.  That is exactly the way a Heat Pump works except in reverse.  During the winter a Heat Pump will greatly reduce your heating bills.

Almost all of the available Heat Pumps are Energy Star rated as they are so energy efficient.  Further, most heat pumps are eligible for Energy Rebates.  We'd love to explain all this to you and help with the process. 

Today's photograph is of the Compressor that will sit outside of your home while the Cassette is indoors.  

Recently we have delivered several homes where the Heat Pumps are fully installed at the factory and this simply adds to the financial advantages.  We are able to provide the Heat Pump at significantly reduced costs and it is fully installed while your new home is being built.  This way you know it is done correctly!

If you consider the efficiency of the Heat Pump along with our Super Insulated Home you will be living in Vermont's Most Energy Efficient Home.  We both know this is the environmentally correct thing to do.  Further, it makes all kinds of financial sense.  Heating will cost you less and Air Conditioning is almost a free side effect.

Call us, we would love to talk with you about your new home.

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