Big news

We are connected to the world via the internet.  It seems like yesterday but way back in 1998 Vermont Modular had our first Web Site.  Compared to today's standards our first presence on the internet was rather tame.  Everything was aimed at "Dial Up."  Remember those tones that you would hear over the telephone line, all sorts of crazy sounds and tones but eventually your computer would be connected to The World Wide Web; wow, that was all so exciting.  We went out of our way to change at least one photograph every couple months and thought we were doing a spectacular job.  Back then it was impossible to look at a web site on your phone because your phone was only a phone, it didn't do anything except make and receive calls.  Well, there's big news coming along from Vermont Modular.  The BIG news is coming from our very up-to-date sister technology company - Binary Computer Solutions, Inc.  That's all for now, just stay tuned and keep your eye out for quite the spectacular-ness of Vermont Modular.

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