As you can see from the picture, there was a ton of snow.  This particular picture was from December 26, 1947 when a blizzard hit New York.  Sure, living in Vermont is bound to bring snow, but this is a crazy amount of snow all at the same time.

We've mentioned it before, but felt it a good point to mention again.  Every single modular home from Vermont Modular Homes is built in a factory.  That said, a few things apply to your potential new home.

1)  Your home construction is not impacted by the weather.  So one inch or one foot, snow won't hinder the construction of your home.2)  Your home comes with a roof which is structurally engineered to withstand a heavy snow load.  This is backed by a complete guarantee and an official stamp of approval from a professional engineer who knows exactly what your home can handle.

That said, if you have a modular home from Vermont Modular Homes, the last thing you need to worry about is the blizzard.  On the other hand, who is going to plow your driveway is beyond us.  Be safe everyone.

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