Cold Air coming in

Ok, today, tonight, and tomorrow are scheduled to be record breaking temperatures, that would be on the LOW side.  The predicted low for tonight in Shelburne is -14.  That is just plain nasty but, it gives us something to think about.  How does this sound?  Tonight wen you go to bed why not open the window?  What the heck, it's only 14 degrees below zero.  If you are concerned with your heating bill, environmental damage, or doing the right thing then go ahead and CLOSE the window!  However, have you thought about the other large openings from the outside where huge amounts of heat escape?  One of the most common yet awful places where cold air rushes in to you home is through the clothes dryer vent.  Oh sure, you have small little plastic flappers that are a silly way to stop the cold air from coming in.  Until very recently there has not been a good way to vent your clothes dryer without creating a large hole in the side of the house.  Finally manufacturers have invented / developed a brand new dryer, one that does not require any outside venting.  Do a Google search for "Ventless Heat Pump Dryer."  Then take a few minutes to read all about a fantastic new idea.  You will accomplish three things:  1.) eliminate that huge hole in the side of the house.  2.) dramatically reduce your energy consumption.  3.) use a proven technology, something that has been used in Europe for decades.  Vermont Modular Homes is considering making this Heat Pump Ventless Dryer part of our standard specifications.  What do you think?  We really would love to hear your thoughts!

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