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Construction 02

As we continue our conversation about construction and Building Codes let's look more closely at you will get from Vermont Modular Homes.

As you know our manufacturing facility is in Pennsylvania in a corner of the world that is heavily populated with numerous other modular home manufacturers.  The plant is located where it is for transportation ease.  Using the Interstate Highway System modular homes can easily go out to Ohio, down south, or up into New England.

Each home is carefully inspected, approved, and highly engineered to comply with all necessary building codes; this includes the building code, electrical code, and plumbing code.  There are many different codes all of which need to be strictly followed so that your new home will come to you being 100% Code Compliant.

The National Building Code is in force in all fifty states yet many states, including Vermont, add their own specific requirements on top of the National Building Code.

Since our neighbor the west is slightly larger than us, just in case you never noticed New York State has more people than Vermont.  Our manufacturing facility follows all of the New York State building codes because they are more strict that Vermont.

When you buy your home from Vermont Modular Homes you will receive a home that is 100% with Building Codes that are more strict than those required by Vermont.  So, your new home will be even better than you had hoped for.

We would love to talk with you about your new home and do our best to answer all of your questions.  Every home we deliver in Vermont is a New York State Certified and approved home, we use the New York Building Codes; NYS codes are more strict and restrictive, it guarantees a better built home for everyone.  This way we are using only one set of building codes not several.  Further each home is thoroughly engineered to meet local needs.  

We are willing to bet that virtually all of the local builders have a difficult time complying with all the building codes and further none of them adhere to stricter codes.  We welcome the challenge and are pleased to know our homes are superior.

Call us today and talk about your new home.  I promise we won't talk too much about snow.

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