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The other day we talked about framing and how that is where everything starts.  Once the frame of a house is built it is time to install both the sheetrock and the sheathing.

The sheetrock has numerous names running to drywall, wall board, gypsum board, plaster board, and in The UK it is known as Gyproc.  However, it is all the same and I've always known that it real name is Gypsum Board.  We will be talking about sheetrock another time.

Today let's take a look at the Sheathing of your new home.  The sheathing that goes on the outside of your home is that layer of wood that protects you from all of the harshness of winter.  In recent years sheathing has become dominated by OSB because of its shear strength and its economic advantages over all other types of sheathing.  OSB is by far the superior product to use for sheathing.

Vermont Modular Homes is not replacing OSB as our standard sheathing we are providing an improvement to OSB as an option to our homeowners. 

Look carefully at today's photograph, you will see OSB sheathing and a layer of high density foam that has been glued to the sheathing at the manufacturer's factory.  This additional layer of insulation simply adds to the already Super Insulated nature of every home from Vermont Modular.

The OSB sheathing is fairly common and widely used.  Adding the foam to the exterior of a home is also fairly common and fairly widely used.  Simply adding a layer of foam to the outside of a building can be problematic.  

The product Vermont Modular will be using is where the rigid high-density foam is glued under high pressure to the sheathing in the factory long before it is attached to the house.  

Surprising as it may seem this layer of rigid high-density foam actually adds structural strength to the building.  YES, foam can be structurally strong.  We have all heard of SIP built homes where foam is adhered to two layers of OSB and that makes an SIP panel that is in itself the frame of the house.  SIP means Structural Insulated Panel.  We do not use SIP's as they are cost prohibitive.  We are introducing the OSB sheathing and Foam as a viable option for home owners.

Call us, we are continually updating our building options for you.  Remember, you new home will be 100% Custom Built, including the sheathing.

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