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The other day we talked about sheathing on the outside of the exterior walls of your home.  Today we are going to talk about the sheetrock on the inside of the house.

The Sheetrock is that portion of the home that everyone looks at.  It is the interior wall surface that is either painted one of many colors or decoratively covered with wallpaper.  Many years ago it seemed as though wallpaper was used ever where and then for a long time it was ignored or certainly not used.  Within the past very few years wall paper has rapidly returned to popularity and is increasingly being used.  Whether you choose to paint your walls or wall paper them, sheetrock will work just fine.  

Throughout the building industry sheetrock is known by numerous names including wall board, gypsum board, drywall, and it all started using plaster and lath.  All of these wall surfaces are similarly and the names are used interchangeably.

Vermont Modular Homes uses sheetrock on the walls and ceilings of our homes.  Typically the ceiling is 5/8" thick and the walls are 1/2" thick.  Just recently we have increased the standards to include 5/8" thick sheetrock throughout the home.  Of course there are a few instances where using the thicker sheetrock is not possible because of design configurations.  

There is a special kind of sheetrock that is manufactured differently for use in the particularly wet areas such as bathrooms.  In these areas of the home we only use what is called "Green Board" because it works better with moisture.  

Also, Vermont Modular uses other wall board products that are manufactured specially for areas where Ceramic Tile will be installed.  Although there are many brand names, they are commonly called Dura Rock, a wall board that has concrete in its manufacturing process.  This is more expensive yet stronger for those areas using tile.

Building a quality built home is not quite as simple and easy as it may seem.  A wide variety of products and configurations are used to produce the best product possible.

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