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As we continue to discuss the construction of your new home let's take a look at what is available for Interior Doors.

Recently we have been designing a series of smaller homes for Empty Nest clients.  Honestly the homes are quite small compared to the owners' previous Dream Home where they raised their family.  However, even in a small home it is so easy to have as many ast fifteen to twenty individual doors.  For example in the typical master bedroom suite there is the entrance door, door to the bathroom, door(s) into the closet so in one bedroom it is easy to have the better part of four doors.

Doesn't it make sense to have quality doors?  Unfortunately most builders whether they be local "stick builders" or modular home builders the normal or "standard" door is the typical six panel colonial door.  I have personally been in small very affordable ranch homes that have six panel hollow core doors.  Then go to visit in a two-million dollar home and there's the exact same door, six panel colonial hollow core door.  That style of door is truly the ubiquitous door throughout all spectrums of housing in Vermont and New England.

Vermont Modular Homes does not include six panel colonial hollow core doors as standard.  Included within our Premium Package we offer solid core doors in a wide variety of door styles.  The solid core door is roughly 50% for sound proofing your new home.  The beauty of a Solid Core door is impressive; they feel better, sound better, are stronger, and make the house so much more quiet.  If you would prefer a built home with a cheap door, we suggest you go somewhere else.  We pride ourselves on doing the right thing and including only the best products.

The vast majority of our interior doors are manufactured by Jeld-Wen.  Go online and take a look at the many options available to you

All this is simply a small part of building a 100% Custom Built home for you.

For those of you that are safety conscious, the solid core door provides a significant fire stop.  Doors can be ordered that provide a 30 minute fire rating.  That means it will take a house fire 30 minutes to burn its way through the solid core door allowing you and your family time to escape to safety.  Hollow core doors on the other hand burn through very rapidly.

Speaking of fire safety, did we mention that all of the sheetrock is 5/8" thick?  Again, a standard feature that is available from Vermont Modular Homes.

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