Details - 01

Detail - 01

Every time a home is built there are so many details that need to be taken care of.  Over the next couple weeks I'll try to point out some of the smaller details that you will need to consider while you plan to build your new home.  One of the most obvious features in any home is the "woodwork" or trim that is used inside.  Exterior trim is a topic for another day and we will get there shortly.  There are so many different types and styles of interior trim.  On the surface this might seem like a trivial detail but it is one detail that will remain with your for years and years.

Probably the first place to begin is in your mind's imagination.  You will need to decide whether you want painted trim or natural wood work.  Today's photograph shows the woodwork / trim painted white.  The identical piece of trim could easily come as stained wood.  The end result is identical but the difference in the beholder's eye.  It all depends on what look you want in your brand new home.

Unfortunately there are some cheap trims that are nothing more than an imitation piece of "mystery wood" that has been covered with a vinyl face that is supposed to look like wood but looks like a cheap imitation.  We are NOT including cheap gaudy alternatives in our discussion.

Our goal is to build you a quality home that reflects your individual wants and needs.  Vermont Modular prides itself on building Custom Built homes of quality.  In the case of interior trim the options are virtually endless.  Here are several options or things for you to consider:

  • Painted wood-work.
    • this can be Finger Jointed or manufactured from MDF
    • all types of wood-work are beautiful when painted, obviously you can choose any color you like.
    • Painted wood-work and easily be painted a new color after a while.  It is easy to create a whole new feeling with new colors.
  • Stained wood-work
    • the grain of the wood shows through the stain and finish
    • stained wood-work has a unique beauty and is a timeless favorite
    • stained wood-work tends to cost more than painted trim
  • Styles
    • Crown molding - typically used high up on the wall where the wall and ceiling meet.  Very decorative that serves no purpose other than to look beautiful.
    • Base molding - usually runs along the bottom of the wall between the wall and your floor coverings.  There are so many different styles and sizes, we can provide virtually all of these
    • Casing - usually runs around windows and doors, again this trim is decorative
    • Window stool - some time people call these the window sill.  This is what's shown in the photograph

Today's comments are about only trim, just one small detail.  All the trim options can be customized which brings up a question - why would you build a home where these details are not customizable?  Why would you want a home where it is not built exactly the way you want?

Vermont Modular is proud to offer quality custom built homes.

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