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The other day we talked about exterior trim that goes around the windows and doors.  It is logical that today we talk about the doors. Doors are fascinating and there are many things to know about doors.Opportunity knocks at the strangest times.  It's not the time that matters but how you answer the door.  

What are doors made out of:

  • Wood doors, for a very long time the Front Door was made out of wood and often was decorative, unfortunately wood doors tend to warp and eventually rot
  • Steel doors, in the '90's it seems as though everyone went to Steel Insulated Doors.  These doors were around for a long time and have served well as they answered the call for a more energy efficient door while still being attractive.
  • Fiberglass doors, recently virtually all of the high quality exterior doors are made of Fiberglass which never warps, swells, or rots.  The new fiberglass doors are fantastic and come in many styles, colors, and configurations.

Exterior doors provide a level of security for the owners:

  • A quality Fiberglass door is strong, usually has three large hinges, and almost always good locks.
  • Most of the common door knobs have been replaced with Levers as they are easier to work with
  • Dead bolts have become common place as they are very difficult for a bugler to get through.  We have a house that is currently being built and the front door has a 10 digit key pad in place of the ordinary key.  Think how easy it would be to punch in your code and the door is unlocked.  Imagine not having to dig through pockets to find the key.
  • Many Front Doors are coming with a "Smart Lock" that knows how to talk with your phone.  As you drive up to the house it will unlock and the lights turn on.  How cool is that!

Fire safety is always thought about.

  • Have you ever wondered why most exterior doors swing in rather than pull out?  In the event of a fire it is easier for Firs Responders to enter the home if the door swings inward.
  • Many exterior doors are "Fire Rated" doors, meaning that they have been tested to determine how long it will take for a fire to go through the door.

Left hand doors vs. Right hand doors.

  • Every door is either a right or left hand door
  • Typically exterior doors swing on butt hinges that are strong and attach to the door and the door jam.
  • So, next time if you want to know whether your door is right hand or left hand here's how you will always know ---
    • Put your butt next to the butt hinges and then................, which way does the door swing?  To the right or the left.
    • You now have the answer.

See all the fun things there are to know about doors.

As we build your new home we will use only quality doors that enhance the energy efficiency, beauty, and safety of your home.

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