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Yesterday we talked about kitchen cabinetry which can easily be a daunting series of options that results in a lot of decisions.  Don’t get overwhelmed; enjoy your time designing the kitchen.  Many think the kitchen is the heart of a home.

So, with that in mind let’s take a look at counter tops. 

Most people immediately think of Formica counter tops.  I suppose that’s true but Formica is a brand just like Kleenex is a brand.  One is for the kitchen and the other for blowing your nose.

Formica is a laminate material that is formed to cover the counter top and is made primarily by two manufacturers; Formica and WilsonArt.  Both these companies manufacture laminate counter tops in hundreds of styles, patterns, and textures.  Virtually every hardware store, lumber yard, and Big Box store carries all the small “chips” to show the color.  Any of those and all of those are available to you in your new Vermont Modular home.

In recent years many homeowners have opted for “Solid Surface” counter tops.  These are the “stone” counters.  The most common of which is Granite but there are many others.  Let’s see:

Granite is available but we suggest you purchase Granite Counter Tops locally after your new home is delivered.  Since Granite is a 100% natural stone product that was mined from the earth each piece is always a different color that all the others.  The only way you will get exactly what you want with Granite is to pick it out locally and have them install it for you.  We will give you a credit for omitting the standard counter top.  And yes, it is best to also buy the sink and faucet from the same company that will be installing the Granite.

There are other types of Solid Surface counters and they are manufactured stone counters. 

Probably the best known is Corian, manufactured by DuPont.  Corian comes in many colors and every order matches the color sample because it is manufactured.

DuPont also makes ZODIAQ® which is another manufactured stone that has accrual crystal pieces imbedded in the "stone" to add a unique effect.

In addition WilsonArt makes a whole line of solid surface counter tops with 64 different colors.

Formica also manufactures solid surface counter tops with their own 62 different colors.

If you check online there are so many options open to you and as long as you select an American manufacturer it is available to you in your Custom Built Vermont Modular home.  We build homes the way you want, your new home will be a lot of fun to design and live in!

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