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As you probably know we have been checking out the details of the Kitchen for the past several days and today let’s take a look at various sinks.

On Thursday we talked about Counter Tops followed on Friday with a conversation about Kitchen Faucets so logically we end talking about everything including “the-kitchen-sink.”  (I couldn’t resist that)

In the same vein that counter tops and faucets have dramatically changed so has the preverbal kitchen sink evolved into quite the fashion statement in today’s modern kitchen.  I went looking for an example of a truly beautiful sink and hope you enjoy today’s photograph.  Yes, we can duplicate this look if you so choose.  However……………

Should you want something more contemporary you first need to decide if you would like a Top-Mount sink or an Under-Mount sink.  The more typical sink is the Top-Mount where the sink’s lip sits on top of the counter top and the sink then is below so the faucet pours water in the sink.

The most popular and common type of kitchen sink is the Top-Mount Stainless Steel sink and most are the conventional double bowl type.   Take a look and you will see that Stainless Steel sinks have dramatically changed into all sorts of configurations and styles.  All of a sudden the sink has become a big deal. 

Lately the Under-Mount sinks have increased in popularity.  With an Under-Mount the sink is attached to the bottom or under side of the counter top giving it a different look that draws more attention to the counter top and less to the sink; although many designers would argue just the opposite.  Regardless these two types of sinks do have a look that is significantly different.  The Under-Mount sinks can be installed on the underside of both Laminate and solid surface counter tops. 

In addition to Top and Under-Mount sinks there are the manufactured Solid Surface counter top and the Sink are fused together into one single piece.  This type of sink can only happen with the manufactured counter tops as the sink is manufactured from a similar type of Solid Surface “stone.”  The very cool part of this type of sink is that the counter top is typically one color and the sink is another yet they are all one piece.

Lately, one of the more popular styles of sink is the Farmers’ Sink that has a unique look.  Honestly, the more you look online the more options and features you will find.

Yes, Vermont Modular can and will install any of the available sinks in your new home.  We will go out of our way to make your new kitchen The Heart of your New Home.

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