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For a week or so we have been looking at the small details that can have a great impact on the beauty of your new home.  Today Vermont Modular is really excited and proud to announce an entirely new series of things for your new home.

Since Vermont Modular is committed to building only Quality Built Homes we have decided it is fitting for us to include a few things in your new home as part of our Premium Package.  The very cool thing about the Premium Package is that we are adding all of it at No Additional Charge.  So starting today the following things are included:

  1. Crown Molding - we are offering Crown Molding throughout your home.  Crown Molding is uniquely beautiful and is fairly common in Up-Scale homes.  Since Vermont Modular specializes in Quality Built Homes we decided to offer Crown Molding to you.
  2. Chair Rail Molding - we want you to have Chair Molding in the dining room, a genuine sign of an Up-Scale Quality Built Home.  We are determined that your new home will be beautiful!
  3. Solid Core interior Doors - normally homes built today all use Molded Hollow Core interior doors, they are everywhere except in your new home from Vermont Modular.  We will be using only Solid Core interior doors.  So, every time you either open or close your interior doors they will have a heavy structurally strong feel to them; it's a sure sign of a Quality Built Home.
  4. Sound Proofing - inside all of the interior walls we will be installing Fiberglass insulation blankets, this is being done not as insulation but rather as sound proofing so that your new home has the undeniable sound of quality, or lack of sound.  We want everyone in your new home to thoroughly know that it is truly a Quality home.

There you have it.  Those four things will help your new home stand out as it should.

Honestly, both of us are hoping that when people enter your new home they will take a long look around and be thoroughly impressed.  We want your family and friends to look and say, ", this house is beautiful, very nice!  Where did this come from?"  That's the point where you smile and feel proud.  

We will be happy for you!

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