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In virtually every modern home there is a full compliment of new efficient appliances that make our lives more pleasant.  Isn't the photograph great.

Did you know that almost all your new appliances can qualify as Energy Efficient machines?  So, when you are looking for new appliances always look for the "Energy Star" that tells you the particular appliance you are looking at qualifies as an Energy Efficient machine.

Most appliances have an Energy Sticker on the machine that estimates the annual cost of operating that particular machine.  So, when you are looking at Refrigerators or washing machines the predicted "Annual Cost" is a good guide for comparison.  This information can be used the same as when you are comparing cars fuel consumption.  I don't think anyone expects to get the exact gas mileage that car manufacturers predict but you can easily tell which one is better than another.  The exact same think can be done with predicting electrical costs for a year; you can see which one might be better than another.

Virtually all the new washing machines being sold today are the HE type.  HE means High Efficiency.   The HE washing machines use so much less water compared to yesterdays' machines.  Further, the HE washers use much less power to run them and supposedly do all that and get the clothes cleaner.  The amount of detergent being used is far less.  All this adds up to being very good for the environment - save water, less detergent, and less power.  It's all good!

As we speak we have a home being built at the plant.  The owner purchased the appliances in Florida many months ago and those appliances were delivered to the plant on Monday of this week to be installed.  Yes, they are all Energy Star rated and are of the high efficiency type.  Plus we are installing them in the brand new home.  You know that's quite the thing.  Talk about Custom Built.

Also, do you know that Vermont Modular has decided to include with every new home a set of appliances?  Actually the appliances being offered are a Budget for your New Appliances.  So, you can purchase those appliances you want rather than something that simply "comes with the house."  

Let us know how we can help you build Your Vermont Dream.  

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