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Many "experts" clearly indicate that there are three major things that can take a beautiful home and make it spectacular.  The three huge factors are 1- the kitchen.  2- the bathrooms.  3- floor coverings.

We have talked extensively about what are the ingredients in a kitchen so today let's take a quick look at Floor Coverings.  Just like everything else this isn't easy as there are so many fantastic choices.  Our advice again is to enjoy the designing of your new home and please do not get overwhelmed as you look through the possibilities.  Our discussion today is brief and will need much further investigation, we want your new home to have the perfect floor coverings.

As we talk about floor coverings please remember that you can have numerous types of material in various areas of the house.  Here in no particular order are several types to think about:

  1. Carpet - it seems as though Carpet is probably the most common floor covering although its popularity has waned in recent years but remains a favorite for bedrooms.  Carpet comes in all kinds from Plush, Cut Pile, Berber, and on and on.  Obviously there's a huge range of quality and price.  We recommend that carpet be installed almost at the very last minute before you move in so that it isn't damaged during construction.
  2. Hardwood - hardwood flooring has always been extremely popular.  It is comprised of smaller pieces of lumber that are nailed or glued down to the sub-floor.  Because of hardwood's natural beauty it is extremely popular.  There was a time when every floor had hardwood flooring and the popular thing was to immediately cover it up with carpet.  I never understood that one.  Hardwood is very durable, lasts almost for ever, is usually installed only by professional tradesmen, and it can be expensive.
  3. Engineered hardwood - an Engineered Hardwood floor looks virtually the same as a hardwood floor but is a manufactured product where a vernier of hardwood is glued to a layer of plywood.  Engineered floors tend to cost less and homeowners can usually install them to save money.  The end result looks the same as hardwood.
  4. Laminate - laminates are increasingly popular as they look beautiful and cost much less than hardwood.  Many times Laminate floors are referred to as either a "Floating Floor" or a "Click" floor.  Laminates were first introduced in Europe where natural Hardwoods simply are not available.  Their popularity has spread to America because of its beauty and cost savings.  In a Laminate floor there are no natural woods.  Laminate floors are completely a manufactured product and they last a very long time.
  5. Ceramic tile - ceramic tiles are beautiful, colorful, long lasting, difficult to install, and can be expensive.  However, tile floors are very popular in bathrooms and kitchens.
  6. Vinyl - when people hear Vinyl, they tend to think of "Lenoleum."  Linoleum is a product that isn't used anymore; it has long since been replaced with Vinyl Sheet Goods that is a far superior product with bright colors, very cost effective, and lasts and lasts for a long time!  Lately Vinyl is being produced in "Vinyl Planks" that resemble hardwood.  The quality of Vinyl Planks is amazing and should not be associated with Linoleum!

Trust me, this is a very superficial examination of floor coverings.  Go out and look around, there are many options.

Enjoy the designing of your new home.

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