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Yesterday we talked about Induction Cooking and honestly I hope some of you actually went and checked it out online.  It is such a great idea!

Today I have another idea that is brand new technology.  We are talking about your clothes dryer.  The way every clothes dryer works is by heating things up, blowing lots of air through the tumbling clothes, and exhausting that heated air outside.  As the air heats up it causes evaporation so the air when it goes outside is full of moisture from the damp clothes. Oh by the way, all that wasted heat leaves your home via a large hole in the side of your house called a vent.  Wo La, your clothes are dry.  Sounds simple and honestly it is except for several major flaws.  Clothes dryers are very energy inefficient because:

  • the dryer consumes a lot of electricity or gas that it turns into heat to cause the evaporation
  • the dryer then pushes all that warm air outside wasting every bit of the heat.
  • don't forget the vent.  That vent is a huge hole in the side of your house that when the dryer isn't working it allows COLD air to enter the house.  Clever, or not.
  • Please do not consider exhausting the dryer air into the house, it is filled with nasty and unwanted moisture that will turn into mold

For the longest time everyone looked at the clothes dryer as a necessary evil that wastes energy and allows cold air into your home.  It was one of those things that everyone hates but can't do without.

Like magic, for you we have a solution to this age-old problem and it is a Vent-less Heat Pump clothes dryer.  For a long time now we have been talking about how Heat Pumps have become the most popular way to heat your new home because they are so energy efficient. Now the same technology is applied to the Clothes Dryer.  By using a Heat Pump the moisture is removed from the air; exactly the same way an Air Conditioner cuts down on the Humidity of your home in the summer.  The Vent-less Heat Pump Dryer reduces the humidity inside the dryer and Wo La your clothes are dry.  The air simply continues to re-circulate inside the dryer pulling moisture out.  Yes, your new dryer will "piddle" water exactly the same as your air conditioner "piddles" in the summer.  So, at the bottom of the dryer is a small hose for the extracted water, it then goes away, typically into the sewer line but, your clothes are dry.  

The major advantages of the Vent-less dryer are:

  • Less Energy is used because Heat Pumps are by their very nature very energy efficient.
  • The dryer doesn't get hot it simply gets less humid, a.k.a. dry clothes
  • No air is blown outside the house wasting energy, none!
  • The vent hole in the side of your house is non-existant.

There is one disadvantage to the Vent-less dryer:

  • This type of dryer does cost more
  • However, there is an Energy Credit REBATE that you can get for $400 to offset the additional cost of your dryer.
  • At the end of the day, the Vent-less dryer is actually a money saver.

Yesterday it was Induction Cooking and today it is the Vent-less Clothes dryer.  There are TWO significant suggestions so you can save a lot of money and consume less energy.

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