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As far as appliances are concerned for your new home we have now talked about Induction Cooking, Vent-Less clothes dryers, and High Efficiency Washing machines.  Today let's look at refrigerators.  By the way, I remember a long time ago that my Grandmother had one of these "Coil on top" type of refrigerators.  How many of you remember seeing one of these?

Today's modern refrigerators are a combination of fantastic features that make life so much nicer for us and then there are all the energy efficiency features.

Grandma's refrigerator had Ice Cube Trays and today's refrigerators have automatic ice makers and many distribute the ice or crushed ice directly through the door into your glass; I love Ice Coffee in the summer.  A common feature is the use of super insulation that allows the walls of the refrigerator to be thinner.  The goal is to have the interior capacity be as large as possible.  Take a look at what is done to make the refrigerator larger:

  • LED lights are used because they take up less space inside the refrigerator.  Do they go out when the door is closed?
  • Super insulation allowing the walls to be thinner
  • The ice maker is often completely in the door, using less interior space
  • The use of smaller air filters 
  • Compact water filters so the ice and drinking water is clean
  • All of the refrigeration mechanisms are much smaller than grandma's machine
  • There are engineers that spend hours and hours configuring the inside of the refrigerator so that it will hold more

The thing that is great about today's modern refrigerator is that they all are rated as either being Energy Star Compliant or not.  Each machine will have a sticker on it predicting the annual cost to operate the refrigerator.  I've mentioned before that the dollar cost for a year should only be used so you can compare one machine to another; I rather doubt those predictions are exactly correct.

In today's modern refrigerators there are so many variations, options, and configurations available.  Like all the other appliances in your new home we suggest you enjoy the shopping and have fun.

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