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This is a Chicken vs. Egg question - which type of washing machine should you pick?  There is the Top Loading machine and the Front Loading machine.  Which one is best for you?  So, I thought it might be helpful to take a look at this very important appliance your new home.  Let's take a Spin through the idea.  (I couldn't resist that)

Top Loading Machine:  PROS

  • The vast majority of Americans use this type of washing machine.  Let's face it this is what we are most familiar with and there are several advantages:
  • It is what we are most accustomed with, it's what we have always had
  • How many times have you started the laundry only to find one something that you dropped, it is easy to lift the lid and put that lost thing in to be washed
  • Price - most of the time top loading machines cost less
  • Ease - many people think it is easier to load a Top Loading machine

Front Loading Machine:  PROS

  • Front loading machines use about 50% less energy and you know Vermont Modular is all about using less energy
  • The spin cycle is so much faster the clothes come out far less wet, this helps with the dryer
  • Front loading machines can be stacked on top of each other using less floor space
  • Gadgets, if you are a gadget nut you will love Front Loaders, they are loaded with gadgets and cool features

There are some disadvantages to both types of machines:

Top Loading Machine CONS

  • They use more energy
  • They use much more water

Front Loading Machine CONS

  • They can smell if not properly cleaned and rinsed
  • Price
  • Time, a load of laundry usually takes longer to wash

So there you have it.  Let us know what you choose.





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