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Detail 18

For the past several weeks we've been talking about minor details that can make a significant impact on your new home.  Several times we have talked about the kitchen and its significance to a home and family; many will contend that the kitchen is The Heart of the Home.  So, with that in mind here's a design thought for today.

It seems as though one of the more popular design concepts going around today is the Open Shelf approach as compared to the traditional Upper Cabinet.  In addition to following along with the open shelving idea the use of open shelving contributes to The Industrial Look that has become so popular.

Regardless of your choice of kitchen cabinetry the open shelf concept will add a uniquely Modern Look to your kitchen.  Isn't it surprising how something so seemingly simple can change the entire look of a room.

It seems as though the most popular style is the one that incorporates many ideas ending up with an eclectic kitchen.  Appliances are so modern and filled with all kinds of technologically advanced features.  Most of the appliances are manufactured today with Energy Conservation in mind.  Although today's kitchen design conversation doesn't exactly address Energy Efficiency it does create a striking complement to your new home while at the same time creating a room with great functionality.  

How many times have we all wondered, "....where am I going to fit that inside a cabinet?"  Well, with open shelves that conundrum simply vanishes.

The other day we talked about Induction Cooking which is probably the most current and modern thing to hit our country although it has been popular in Europe for decades.  The induction cook tops with their sleek modern look will look great with the open shelves.

Also, do you recall our conversations in the Empty Nester series where we mentioned that upper cabinets tend to be more difficult for us Empty Nester types.  I'm thinking I see a pattern developing all pointing towards Open Shelves. 

Think of the possibilities for materials to build the open shelves with:

  • built to identically match the lower base cabinets creating a uniform look throughout
  • wood either stained or painted a lot of different colors.  This could be fun and allow you to easily change the look of the kitchen every couple years.
  • stainless steel that would contribute to the industrial look
  • don't forget hanging your pots and pans
  • glass shelving is not difficult at all; tempered glass is very strong

As always, we strongly suggest you enjoy all of your design and decorating decisions, there are so many things to think about.  And, Vermont Modular is willing to help you.

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