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For the last few days we have spent our time in the Kitchen, your new home's heart.  We got thinking; with all the time you spend in the kitchen aren't your feet going to get tired?

Many times when cooking dinner, or a snack, or for that matter just about anything we end up standing in front of the kitchen sink or the range for quite awhile and yes, my feet do get tired!  How about a cushioning mat?  Oh come on, that sounds just like a great idea

For floor coverings in the kitchen there are many products and styles to choose from in a very wide price range.  Some of the things that you can consider:

  • Vinyl sheet goods, this is probably the most common and least expensive.  Vinyl flooring has come a long way is most certainly is not grandma's Linoleum that many of us are used to.
  • Vinyl squares, made to be stuck down to the sub floor this is a great way to install a floor yourself - quick, easy, and affordable.
  • Ceramic tiles - the beauty of ceramic tiles is all there and people just love the look of ceramic tiles.  A home with small children when things are more apt to slip out of young hands might want to not consider ceramic.  Let's face it the tile is as hard-as-a-rock.
  • Laminate floating floors can and often do go in kitchens for a really great look
  • Hardwood floors, sure, why not.
  • Cork flooring has become very popular, it is supposedly very comfortable to walk on and absorbs noise well.
  • Engineered hardwoods are excellent, the top surface is a real wood vernier on top of a plywood sub surface.

As your consider your new flooring you need to ask yourself a series of questions that will eventually lead you to exactly the floor you are looking for

  1. what is the look you are after?  How about elegant and formal vs. Classic and traditional, casual, or how about creative and colorful.  What do you want?
  2. how much maintenance are you willing to put into your floor?  Think about ease of cleaning, waxing, resurfacing, and so on
  3. how much money do you think is appropriate?  Obviously various types of floors vary in cost
  4. after you have picked out the look you want you will know various types of flooring to suite your needs.

And yet again we suggest you have fun as you shop and design.  Take care of those tired feet, a soft squishie floor mat will feel great.

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