Detail 20

Detail 20

Lately we have been talking about seemingly minor details that have a huge impact on your new home.  Today conversation is about something that is surely not a minor detail - The Front Door.

Every time we go to someone's home or even just drive by one of the most significant things to catch our eye is The Front Door.  There are so many different styles and options to choose from and each will have an enormous impact on your new home.  But, then again all of the details we have been talking about have an impact.  There is so much to think about and every decision is significant.

As you can see from today's photograph the entrance to a home is more than just the door.  This spectacular Vermont Modular home in Jeffersonville has a grand entrance that incorporates a small porch, stone work, landscaping, lighting, and of course the door itself.  This home has a "Full View" glass door that says Welcome to our home.  

The use of color is very popular and of course needs to fit your style and personal taste.  We have all seen various homes while driving around that immediately catch our eye.  I would venture to say that one of the more important items is the Front Door.

In addition to style there is an enormous variety of styles.  Today's photograph is of a Full View glass door, a fairly modern approach.  Then there are six-panel colonial doors, Craftsman doors, and on and on.  Don't forget that many times the Front Door will have Side Lites either to the left or right or both sides of the door.  And, various styles of doors have glass in the door itself or not.  Go online and look at the various styles of Front Doors.  Typically we use Plastpro brand doors but we can install virtually any door that you want.  Remember, your home front Vermont Modular is 100% Custom Built right down to the Front Door.

Normally there are three major materials that are used to build Front Doors:

  • Wood doors - this is the classic Old-School type of door and honestly isn't used much any more.  Although wood doors are very beautiful they tend to warp depending on the humidity in the air and can of course over time rot.
  • Steel insulated doors - over the past several decades this is the most common door material as it is stronger, does not rot, offers a greater sense of security, and they are energy efficient.  However, steel doors can and do rust along the bottom giving a good steel a life span of about 10 years.
  • Fiberglass insulated doors - for a good while now virtually all quality exterior doors are manufactured out of Fiberglass.  This type of door offers all of the steel door advantages yet they do not rot.  All of the current styles and options are available in a fiberglass door that will last you for a very long time!

Again, we suggest you have lots of fun decorating your new home.  The front door is what will welcome everyone to your home, make it inviting.  Have fun!

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